Snail’s House Drops Four Dreamy New Tracks On Latest ‘Alien☆Pop III’

Snail's House Drops 4 Dreamy Tracks On Alien☆Pop III

I have to wonder if Snail’s House ever gets any rest. Just this year alone the incredibly prolific producer has released the sugary, funky ‘Alien☆Pop II‘ and the soft beautiful ‘scenery’. It’s not like he dropped two releases after an off year or a break either, his 2018 output was nonstop. Just four and a half months after his soulful and somewhat stripped-down ‘scenery’, Snail’s House has returned to his staple bubblegum grooves with the latest in his Alien☆Pop series, ‘Alien☆Pop III’. It’s a very tight four-song release that’s sure to add some color and sparkle to your weekend. Check it out below.

I don’t know if I have words to describe ‘Alien☆Pop III’ better than this incredible cover art can. Stars, Game Boys with the classic link cable, and multicolored nail polish. All these elements accurately represent what these songs sound like. The opening track ‘Invader-☆’ has a French-house type influence on its brand of kawaii that doesn’t sound too dissimilar from friend and collaborator Moe Shop. It’s a great start and it’s thumping grooves and sparkling sounds let you know what you’re in for on ‘Alien☆Pop III’.

‘FUSION’ starts off with some delightful old school stabs that are quickly met with a classic drum beat and some precise vocal chops that all cop together for a fun little ditty. The third track on here, ‘Galactic Whisper’, marries what I assume to be Vocaloid singing with some chopped up piano keys and a quirky synth line that really show off Snail House’s competency at both the art of production and writing melodies. Finishing of ‘Alien☆Pop III’ is ‘MAGIK featuring Sennzai’, the only live vocal track on the album. I really like her high pitched vocals with the slightly wonky touch on the backing production. It really ties a nice little bow on this release.

You can listen to ‘Alien☆Pop III’ by Snail’s House now.

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