Snail’s House Releases Latest ‘Snailchan Adventure’ M/V

It’s completely insane to think that it’s been a year since Snail’s House originally dropped the monolith music video for “Pixel Galaxy” in collaboration with animator Speedo Sausage — who now goes by the name Speedoru –, but here I am in 2018 still as hooked as ever. There’s a whole lot of reason to celebrate when it comes to that music video, but what better way to celebrate with the release of another incredible music video? Well, shared on Snail’s House’ official YouTube channel earlier today, the latest animated music video for “Snailchan Adventure” can be peeked below:

I don’t even know where to begin with this one, but damn. While “Pixel Galaxy” certainly set a bar, there’s no questioning the fact that “Snailchan Adventure” completely blew it out of the water. From the hyperactive motion, the gorgeous style, the incredible music, and the ever-present references, both Snail’s House and Speedoru completely hit out of the park here.

Immediately getting into things, we’re treated to a parody of Game Center CX star Shinya Arino as appearing on “Snail Center CX” — with his smile and optimism intact — followed by the hypersonic adventure of both Snailchan and Red Panda. Along the way, they’re faced up against BIG DUCKIE, the first villain to be destroyed by Red Panda’s take on Fist of the North Star’s Hyakuretsu Ken before the legendary “Omae wa mou Shindeiru” declaration.

Following this Snailchan and Red Panda are faced up against Killzila, a simultaneous parody of both Studio TRIGGER’s Kill la Kill and TOHO’s Godzilla. Before reaching the third fight, we see a handful of self-references including the jacket character for Snail’s House’ own “Alien Pop”, as well as a quick take on Pop Team Epic and Street Fighter along the way. Throw in a little Dance Dance Revolution, a few callbacks to the music video for “Pixel Galaxy”, a short-lived boss fight and the final credit sequence — it’s basically the perfect ode to everything.

If you finished watching the music video and thought to yourself, damn, that’d be ridiculously fun as a game, you’re in a bit of luck. Snail’s House has mentioned previously that an actual game based on the music video is on track for a January 2019 release date, something of which is taking up a large amount of his time. If the game manages to capture the beauty of the music video in full stride, I can only imagine how enjoyable it’ll end up being — I’m honestly pretty excited.


In addition to the music video, Snail’s House also released a two-track single for the upcoming game which can be streamed above and purchased via Snail’s House’ Bandcamp page, here. It’ll be particularly exciting to see where both Snail’s House and Speedoru go from here, especially after pushing themselves to new levels on this piece. Until that next big thing comes, however, you can check out more from Snail’s House here, and Speedoru here.

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