Snail’s House Releases Winter-Inspired New Album ‘Snö’

If you ever come to know Tokyo-born electronic producer Snail’s House, perhaps one of the first things he’ll tell you is of his love of winter over the season of summer. It’s an agreeable standpoint, especially with the painful humidity of summer in Japan basically stripping you of your will to do anything. Originally teased just a couple of months ago via a slew of previews and tweets, Snail’s House’s latest endeavor “Snö” is finally here. Let’s take a deep-dive into its gorgeous wintertime bliss below:


With winter drifting off behind us as we enter the more colorful season of spring, Snail’s House sends the snow-filled winter off with a final hoorah. Perhaps more than anything,Snö” feels to be the embodiment of Snail’s House dynamic production skill set. It’s a down-tempo album with the uplifting sounds that the name Snail’s House has become so synonymous with, bringing in a wide array of influences to craft what truly does feel like nostalgia for a season that just departed. Through its 10 song tracklist there is an entire thematic story to be told; every song feeling like words taken out of your own mouth, words described without language, nothing but rhythm and sound.


1. Snö (intro) 01:13
2. [covered in white] 04:43
3. [snowdrift] 04:51
4. [fluttering] 04:16
5. thaw (interlude) 01:58
6. [whiteout] 04:04
7. [waiting for you, waiting for you.] 03:04
8. 雪の降る街で、あなたを待っている。 03:15
9. Farewell 04:35
10. see you again (outro) 01:54

Available for digital streaming and purchase now, you can find Snail’s House’ latest album “Snö” on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

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