Snail’s House Produces ‘Virtual Reality’ for KMNZ Virtual Youtuber Duo


These past few months have seen a number of Virtual YouTubers depart from their usual “Let’s Play” style videos, instead opting for a more music-focused career path. Earlier today we saw Virtual Youtuber duo KMNZ throw their hat into the ring with their debut single “VR – Virtual Reality“, a hip-hop banger produced by none other than Tokyo-based trackmaker Snail’s House. While the virtual-duo have seen themselves collaborate a number of times in the past, the release of “Virtual Reality” marks their first original release since they launched the KMNZ project in May 2018.

While Snail’s House has been crafting his signature sound for years now, fans would be hard-pressed finding too many tracks the musician has worked on featuring actual vocals. With the release of “Virtual Reality”, however, KMNZ have invited listeners to take part in a rare opportunity featuring their hard-hitting flow. The song took no time hitting the #1 spot on the Japanese hip-hop charts too, undoubtedly because of its unique appeal and charm.

Available now for streaming and download, you can check out even more about “VR – Virtual Reality” via KMNZ’s official website.

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