Snail’s House Collaborates With WEGO To Promote Alien Pop III

Snail's House Collaborates With WEGO To Promote Alien Pop III

Hyper-cute electronic music producer Snail’s House has come together with Japanese clothing brand WEGO to create a line of goods to commemorate the long-awaited release of “Alien Pop III”. The merchandise features designs by kanekoshake, the illustrator who Snail’s House frequently calls on for artwork, and Speedosausage, an animator that Snail’s House works with often. The goods will be available at select physical stores and online from July 17.

Snail's House Collaborates With WEGO To Promote Alien Pop III

Included in the lineup is a phone case, a baseball cap, two types of tote bags, and two color variations of oversized t-shirts. The oversized shirts, going for 3,590 yen, feature characters from Snail’s House’s music video for Pixel Galaxy, which was animated by Speedosausage, and has received a whopping 47 million views since it was uploaded in October 2017. The shirt was also designed by none other than Speedosausage. The tote bags (2,990 yen) and phone case (1,290 yen) have a print of kanekoshake’s original character designed for Snail’s House’s “Alien Pop” album series. Lastly, the baseball cap, which will sell for 2,590 yen, has a cute little simple snail embroidered on the front, a subtle way to show your support for Snail’s House.

This collaboration comes as quite a surprise since WEGO is basically the Japanese version of Forever 21. They frequently collaborate with brands such as Sailor Moon, My Hero Academia, idol group Red Velvet, and most recently KONAMI’s Dance Dance Revolution, which also came as a pleasant surprise.

Snail’s House is a Tokyo-based trackmaker who is most known for his cute take on bass music. However, it’s been proven that he is adept in creating any genre, spanning from rock-oriented sounds to Shibuya-kei all the way to straight up bass music. Snail’s House has been pretty high on the charts on both Spotify and iTunes charts for extended periods of time. Spotify even awarded him 9th place out of the most listened-to Japanese artists. Keep in mind, that’s 9th place among every celebrity pop star in Japan.

The Snail’s House x WEGO goods will be available soon on July 17, so if you’re thinking of buying everything in the collection, you can pick them up from the Harajuku Takeshita-dori store, Ikebukuro Parco store, Shinsaibashi store, the Nagoya Parco store, or online.

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