Snail’s House’s Latest EP ‘Love Magic’ is an Electric-Acoustic Dream

Snail’s House’s Latest EP ‘Love Magic’ is an Electric Acoustic Collaboration with Ujico*

Snail’s House is a really interesting artist to me, constantly able to create unique and exciting electronic music with every single release. The creator has already created a wide variety of music in 2019, seemingly without any chance from a break, each with its own unique sound ranging from the bubblegum pop sound of Alien☆Pop III to the more toned down, almost melancholic sound of many of the songs included on their scenery album.

Available now via Bandcamp, the album’s opener ‘Petrichor’ is a fast-paced track with a strong acoustic guitar punctuating the otherwise-electronica backing track for this vocal track, the distorted vocal sounds of Ujico* shining through and perfectly complementing this rather unusual yet effective mix of instruments. Although a vocal track, in theory, the vocals are so distorted that it would be better to compare the use of Ujico*’s vocals as another instrument layered onto the track to create a busy yet exciting and easy-to-listen-to and bouncy tune.

While at the time of my initial writing the album was yet to release in full, from the opener alone I’m beyond excited to see how the rest of the six-track album turns out. I’m sure that Love Magic will be another strong release from Snail’s House as their previous 2019 releases and their entire discography consistently succeeds at being, yet I can’t judge that just yet. You can, however, order this brand new EP right now on Bandcamp for the low price of 700yen (or more, if you’d like) right now, and be able to listen to the full release as of now. Personally, I can’t wait to give it a full listen.

Snail’s House
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