Snail’s House & In Love With a Ghost Release ‘Journey’ M/V

When the first entry into the sugar-sweet collaborative efforts between both France-based artist in love with a ghost and Japan-based artist Snail’s House dropped just over three months ago, we couldn’t possibly have expected the adventure we’d be stepping towards. Filled with gently sprinkled chords and glistening harmonics, “interdimensional portal leading to a cute place” was everything we could possibly hope for from the two artists. In similar style, this week we finally got to experience the beauty that is “Journey,”  an audio-visual experience made possible through the efforts of the two artists and animator kiiroi tomato club.

Released as a Christmas gift to all, “Journey” exists to whisk listeners away to a different place — to take them on a journey. It’s a proven recipe from the duo, with each track coming out all the sweeter. It’s also the first collaboration between the duo to receive an accompanying music video, something which only adds to the total immersion of their sound. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Snail’s House song’s illustration, chances are it was done by illustrator/animator Noelle, the genius behind the “Journey” music video. Offering viewers a throwback filled music video offering an extensive look at the musical history of both artists, it’s a charming animated adventure akin to the dreamscapes found within a Ghibli film. 

If you haven’t had a chance to check out either the song or the music video, I can’t help but urge you to do so. Find a quiet place surrounded by what you love and let yourself be taken away; it really is an experience. Available for streaming on all major services, you can check out the song, here. If you’re interested in checking out more from the artists, you can find their social links below:

Snail’s House: Soundcloud // YouTube // Twitter
in love with a ghost: Soundcloud // YouTube // Twitter
Noelle: Tumblr // Twitter

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