Snickers and ‘Attack on Titan’ Team Up for Truly Bizarre Collaboration

Snickers Attack on Titan collaboration

Is it me, or are these Snickers collaborations getting weirder and weirder? I honestly thought nothing could top the horrifying Snickers x [email protected] collaboration earlier this year, but this latest Snickers x Attack on Titan campaign is on a whole other level.

Snickers unveiled their latest collaboration with Attack on Titan, titled ‘Attack on Famous People (Shingeki no Yuumeijin)’, on October 1 with the promotional video below. Be warned: it’s quite terrifying.

Deciphering what on earth just happened in that PV as a westerner is probably quite hard. As you might be able to gather from the collaboration’s name, the main focus of the collaboration is to have the Survey Corps fight against various famous people in the form of Titans – combining the brand recognition of both Snickers and Hajime Isayama’s long-running series with the star power of famous people.

The ‘famous’ person in question that appears in the form of the Colossal Titan in the PV is none other than Japanese TV personality Dewi Sukarno, who married the first President of Indonesia in the 1960s and has been using that fact to appear relevant ever since. She’s widely known in Japan, often going by the affectionate name of ‘Lady Dewi.’

Snickers Attack on Titan collaboration
Dewi Sukarno as a Titan in the PV

So, in order to make sense of this first Snickers x Attack on Titan collaboration PV, not only do we have to try and make sense of the almost YouTube poop-like surreal editing – dubbing over scenes from the anime adaptation and photoshopping in PNGs of Snickers bars – but we also have to peel back a certain layer of very niche Japanese cultural history. It’s truly one of the most bizarre experiences I’ve ever had.

The question, therefore, begs itself; why on earth would Snickers do this? Well, aside from simply co-opting the popularity of both Dewi Sukarno and Attack on Titan to sell more candy bars, they’re also running a campaign over on their official Twitter account, where tweeting a picture of a Snickers bar at the account will get you a ‘response’ from one of the characters of Attack on Titan. They’re also giving away t-shirts.

Still, was there any need to get this weird? Could they possibly get even weirder? Considering their track record, I’m afraid to say that that certainly might be a possibility…

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