SNK vs. Capcom Dropping on Nintendo Switch on 18 February

SNK vs CAPCOM Game Visual

This is one that I saw coming for a little while as some trademarks with the South Korean rating board were uncovered, but I’ll be completely honest with you, I didn’t see it coming this soon. Today, SNK made the announcement that its Neo Geo Pocket Color title SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium is going to be dropping on Nintendo’s hybrid system on 18 February 2021. I repeat, 18 February 2021. That is two weeks away. I can’t explain to you how happy this makes me.

SNK vs. Capcom Game Screenshot

I have never been a huge fighting game fan, but I can’t even being to tell you how much time I put into SNK vs. Capcom on my Neo Geo Pocket Color. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had a camouflage blue Neo Geo Pocket and literally, the only game that I owned was SNK vs. Capcom. I put hundreds of hours into that game and never got good at it. Just because I never got good at it doesn’t mean that the game was bad; it was quite the opposite. The game was nothing but a blast to play, and I look forward to being able to experience it all over again on my Switch. The crossover project between SNK and Capcom pit SNK fighters against Capcom fighters, and each fighter had a rival that they had to defeat to clear the game.

SNK vs Capcom 2 Game Screenshot

SNK vs. Capcom was initially released in 1999 for the Neo Geo Pocket Color to some pretty damn good reviews for a portable fighting title. Something that was essentially unheard of at the time, Famitsu rated it a 30 out of 40 on their review. SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium will be dropping on Switch in Japan on 18 February 2021, but will also be subsequently launching in the US on 17 February 2021. All fans of the game can relive their childhood once again.

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