Snow Miku Music Video Takes a Virtual Trip To Sapporo

Snow Miku, Virtual Trip To Sapporo

A new Hatsune Miku music video celebrates the sights in and around the snowy city of Sapporo. The 4-minute video was posted to Miku’s YouTube channel on Tuesday (Japan Time).

The video is part of Snow Miku, which for several years has been held during the Sapporo Snow Festival. The ‘Virtual Trip to Sapporo’ video features the virtual pop idol singing and dancing to this year’s Snow Miku theme song, ‘Fondant Step’, with images of Sapporo in the background. The city of Sapporo collaborated with Snow Miku to make the video, which really seems to squeeze a lot of the city into four minutes.

Personally, I haven’t been to Sapporo yet (in fact, I’ve never been further north than Sendai). But the video certainly makes the city look like a great place to visit. I’ve always been a fan of travel. And even if current circumstances make it difficult to leave home, little videos like this one can be the next best thing.

As they say on the official Hatsune Miku blog, ‘Even if you can’t come to Sapporo right away, I hope you can feel Sapporo in this movie.’

Of course, both Snow Miku and the Sapporo Snow Festival had to cancel or postpone many in-person events, but they managed to keep certain online events going, such as the recent MIKU LAND. The Hatsune Miku YouTube channel is also full of interesting Snow Miku-related stuff, such as this version of Miku:

You can find a lot of other festival stuff on the online snow festival and Snow Miku websites. Besides hosting an annual snow festival and Snow Miku, Sapporo is also home to Crypton Future Media, which sort of makes it Miku’s hometown.

‘Fondant Step’ was created by Heavenz, a Vocaloid producer from Hokkaido.

Hatsune Miku on YouTube; Crypton Future Media, Piapro; Hatsune Miku on Twitter; art by Necomi
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