The Retro Influenced SOLEIL Drops Two New Music Videos

The Retro Influenced SOLEIL Drops Two New Music Videos

SOLEIL only about 16 years old and she’s already about to release her third album ‘LOLLIPOP SIXTEEN’. She and her producers have always incorporated a number of retro elements to her brand of pop, including big nods to Japan’s unique Shibuya Kei sub-genre. Makes sense when one of the people making your music is Keitaro Takanami, a former member of the internationally renowned Pizzicato Five.  In anticipation for ‘LOLLIPOP SIXTEEN’ which hits July 17 SOLEIL has gifted us not one but two new music videos. Unfortunately, they are the ‘short-versions’ Japan just loves putting out.

The more interesting of the two videos SOLEIL put out is the one for ‘Mellotron Girl’ above.  It takes place at a low budget zombie birthday party. What an idea that is. It actually pairs quite well with the song itself. Honestly, it almost sounds like The Beach Boys had a hand in producing this, which of course they didn’t. Drowned in reverb, hints of 60s pop, and lots of twangy instrumentation. Interesting to see a 16 year old going for this kind of sound and honestly pulling it off pretty well. I’m exciting to hear the full version of this track when the album drops. Below, we have ‘High School Lullaby’.

High School Lullaby’ doesn’t have anything as novel as a birthday party with zombies, but it’s a cute enough live performance. You can see SOLEIL performs with a full live band to authentically recreate those retro sounds. On this one, there’s bits and pieces of surf guitar that back a very ska influenced track. Will teen girls from Japan be the ones to finally start that fourth wave of ska we’ve all been waiting for? There was Oreskaband, after all. This track is a bit more punchy than the last, not quite so drowned out in reverb. They both feature different eras of sound but somehow imagining them on the some album is not so far-fetched.


SOLEIL will release ‘LOLLIPOP SIXTEEN’ on July 17. She’s off a day, isn’t she?

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