Soloist in a Cage Finally Returning From Hiatus in April

Soloist in a Cage hiatus announcement

It’s been a long time coming, but Jump Plus rising star Soloist in a Cage (Ori no Naka no Soloist) is finally returning from hiatus this April, according to a post on creator Shiro Moriya’s blog. In it, Moriya thanks the fans and publisher Shueisha for sticking with him all this time and allowing him to draw manga ‘until the very end.’ Apologizing for the long wait, he asks readers to stay patient for just a little while longer before the story begins once again.

Last time we heard from Shiro Moriya regarding Soloist in a Cage’s hiatus, his health had gotten much better and he already had eight more chapters prepared. That was five months ago, so one has to wonder how much more progress has been made in the meantime: when he says ‘until the very end,’ does this also mean the end of the story? Have all of the remaining chapters been completed? I’m certainly curious to find out.

'Soloist in a Cage' is the Jump Plus Rising Star Worth Supporting

Alongside the recommencement of Soloist in a Cage’s serialization on Jump Plus, the end of the long hiatus will also bring with it collected volume releases for the first time ever. In his blog post, Moriya says, ‘I’m currently working to a schedule that should allow for collected volumes to come out this summer.’ This will hopefully provide a way for fans to directly support the creator and show the publisher that he’s worth keeping around.

Nevertheless, we have to be honest here: such a long hiatus (two years!) so early in the series’ lifespan probably means that it isn’t going to grow in popularity any time soon. True, all of the coverage surrounding the series probably means that more people picked it up than usual (including myself), but it’s unlikely that it will match the performance of some of Jump Plus’ other recent series at this point.

Still, the best that Moriya can do is finish up Soloist in a Cage’s story after the long hiatus and create for himself a blank slate with which he can do whatever he wants, doubly so if all of the chapters are already completed. They’ll release on Jump Plus starting this April, and presumably Manga Plus too.

Shueisha via Manga Plus
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