Songbird Symphony Flaps Onto PC and Select Consoles in Spring 2019

A game with adorable pixel graphics and animation that I personally been waiting on, now has an estimated release window. Songbird Symphony is slated to release in Spring 2019 on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. 

Songbird Symphony tells the story of Birb, a young orphaned bird who, having been brought up by a family of Peacocks who discovered him when he was an abandoned egg, slowly starts to realize he’s somewhat different to the rest of his acquaintances. Setting out a journey of self-discovery, players take charge of Birb as he leaves the nest and heads out into a world bursting with life. There are 12 interconnected levels featuring scores of secret, hidden areas to be explored, each with lots of wildlife to interact with.

“Birb’s story is one of adventure and discovery, but one tied to the rhythm of the forest – quite literally,” says Tan Kang Soon, Producer and Artist at Joysteak. “We set out to make Songbird Symphony as endearing and frankly adorable as we could, but the focus on music-based play also adds a sense of depth that players might not initially be expecting.”

“You just don’t see all too many games like Songbird Symphony,” adds Amaria Larchet, Product Manager at PQube. “Ever since we first met Joysteak, we haven’t been able to get the game out of our heads – it sings the perfect tune for us here at PQube.”


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