‘Miracles’ Happen: They Really Fixed Sonic The Hedgehog

'Miracles' Happen: They Really Fixed Sonic The Hedgehog

We live in troubling times. Between the inevitability of climate change, protests springing up around the world, and the never-ending stream of isekai anime it’s becoming harder and harder to find solace. However! Just this once, the prayers of the people were answered. I’m sure you remember the absolute insanity the first Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer unleashed upon the general populace. The grotesque human teeth, the cursed ungloved hands, the near-human proportions! Not only were long-time Sonic fans discouraged by the initial movie design, but that thing was grim enough to freak out the general population. In a rare move, the film-makers announced they would delay the film to ‘fix’ the design and by god, they’ve actually done it!


Sonic The Hedgehog looks like, well, Sonic The Hedgehog! Sure there’s still the fur and realistic textures on him which are stylistic choices that individuals may or may not be open to, but over-all this not only objectively much better but pretty much accurate. They shrank him down, forced gloves on him, enlarged his eyes, yanked out his human teeth and replaced them with less upsetting dentures, and beyond just the design they leaned into a more cartoonish style of animation for our old friend. It sure feels nice to be heard too, as an added bonus.

Allusions to divine intervention aside, Sonic The Hedgehog getting a redesign wasn’t just, as some people say, a ‘company listened to us’. Even with the delay, changing and reanimating Sonic to this degree took a lot of hard work by a lot of people. For instance, The powers that be had the good decision makings skills to bring in Tyson Hesse, who did the Sonic Mania and Sonic Team Racing animations, to help create the final product. I’m sure there were a lot of sleepless nights for some of these animators and more than I want to support the Sonic movie because ‘a company listened’,  I want to congratulate and celebrate the hard work of the people that made such a drastic change happen.

Sonic The Hedgehog comes out Valentine’s Day 2020.

Sega / Paramount Pictures
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