Sonic Sound Station Selection Vol.1 Released On Streaming Platforms

Sonic 2020 Eyecatch

There is really one thing that I could never get enough of when I was a bit younger, even now to some extent. Sonic the Hedgehog music. There is just something about the songs made for the series that resonates really well with me. Maybe it’s just nostalgia beating Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the first time when I was like eight years old or something, but there is definitely something there. I’m sure there are plenty of people like that out there, so SEGA has done them a solid and started releasing what they’re calling Sonic Sound Station Selections on all major streaming platforms and volume 1 is available now.

Initially, the Sonic Sound Station tracks were found on the handheld versions of all the Sonic games which never had soundtracks released for them. A little while back SEGA started uploading these tracks to their YouTube channel which was a resounding success. Based on this success, they have decided to release a selection of tracks for the very first time into the wild, so no more having to go dig through YouTube to listen to your favorite portable Sonic the Hedgehog tracks.

Sonic Sound Station Selection Vol.1 Art

This initial Sonic Sound Station Selections mini-album is part of SEGA’s SONIC2020 promotional campaign which is a promotional campaign throughout all of 2020 where SEGA releases something new related to Sonic the Hedgehog. There are still a handful of months left in 2020, so that means that there is still a handful of Sonic the Hedgehog content to obtain.

It will certainly be interesting to see what SEGA is going to be putting out for the remaining months. Am I alone when I say that I would like full HD remasters of Sonic 1 all the way through Sonic & Knuckles? I mean sure there are some hurdles in the way, but who said we can’t just go around those?

Sonic Team, SEGA
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