Sonic The Hedgehog DJ Style ‘Party’ Is A Gift

Sonic The Hedgehog DJ Style 'Party' Is A Gift

We’ve been celebrating Sega’s big 6 0 all month here. With interviews with creators like Yakuza’s Toshihiro Nagoshi and Sega Sound Team legend Hiro, to smaller pieces about our favorite Sega music, June’s all about the companies’ history from the Hedgehog and beyond! Of course, Sonic’s contributions to Sega’s legacy and incalculable and one area where the blue blur has never disappointed is in said area of music. Yesterday, the company say fit to release a mix called ‘Sonic The Hedgehog DJ Style’Party’ ‘ which was crafted by series sound director, the legend Tomoya Ohtani.  Jam-packed with 33 Hedeghog bangers from multiple decades, it’s a must listen for any fan.

Sonic The Hedgehog DJ Style 'Party' Is A Gift

Even the all-new cover-art Sonic Team provided for Sonic The Hedgehog DJ Style ‘Party’ is just perfect. Evocative of the cherished Sonic Adventure era of art, it packs the right attitude you’ll never for you colossal 33 song sonic undertaking. Pun intended. If you want to buy this on an actual CD, which you might with its killer packaging, it’ll cost you about 2400 yen. However, the non-stop megamix is also available on a whole slew of streaming services and digital vendors. Even if you’re not a Sonic fan, this thing hold’s up on its own if you’re looking for something to listen to.

Now the first song that immediately jumped out at me on the tracklist was ‘White Acropolis -Snowy Peak-‘, an absolute wonder of a tune that comes from a particularly notorious 2006 entry in the series. I’ve had the same dusty digital copy of that track bounce from one hard drive to the next for almost 15 years. Aside from that, you’ll see music from Sonic Mania, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, and more. It’s less of a nostalgia collection for old heads and instead a treat for those who’ve stuck with the fasting thing alive from post his Dreamcast adventures.

You can find more details on Sonic The Hedgehog DJ Style ‘Party’ here.

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