Take One Last Glance at Sonic the Hedgehog’s Horrid Design with Japanese Film Poster

Take One Last Glance at Sonic the Hedgehog's Horrid Design with Japanese Film Poster

I know I’m pretty much adding insult to injury by writing about this but we must face forward and go fast into the future. Even if that future spin-dashes right past the uncanny valley and into deeply terrifying elder god territory. There’s just so many teeth… The last week on the internet has been equally entertaining and horrifying with the bombshell that was the trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog. The general consensus was so bad that the filmmakers had promised to change his design on Twitter, despite whether or not that’s really possible. Just in case they manage to pull it off, I want you to take one last look at this Sonic.

Sonic The Movie Poster

To give credit where credit’s due, this Japanese poster for Sonic The Hedgehog is probably the best this design for Sonic will ever look. As a static image, we don’t have to see the thing in motion for starters. Furthermore, his mouth is thankfully shut so we get a brief reprieve from both his teeth and unholy facial movement. The Nike shoes, the unnecessary fur, and the weirdly human legs and hands are all here but I at least almost don’t mind Sonic having separate eyes in this one poster? Overlooking an urban metropolis, you could tell me this was the live action version of City Escape and maybe I’d believe you.

Speaking as one of those people who begrudgingly still cares about Sonic, none of this is a surprise. However, most of us thought redesigns weren’t ever going to get worse than Knuckles in the Sonic Boom spin-off franchise. In fact, Sonic had been doing pretty well recently, ignoring Forces, with Sonic Mania and a series of cool animated shorts.

We do have to acknowledge that a Hollywood movie adaption of something doesn’t exist to please current modern Sonic fans. Instead, it exists to cash in the general nostalgia regular millennials and younger Gen-Xers have for the blue blur from their childhood. Still, it’s a mystery as to what focus group input lead to this awful design.

Sonic the Hedgehog will release in November with, supposedly, some kind of retooled design. Further info on the franchises official website.

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