Sonic The Hedgehog Gets New ONA

As if getting TORIENA on a track wasn’t good enough, Sega’s pulling all the stops for Team Sonic Racing. The blue blur and all of his friends star in his second ONA, Team Sonic Racing Overdrive! Well, third counting the one-off short for Sonic Unleashed. You know. The one where Sonic turns into a werewolf. No, wait, wereHOG. He’s not doing that this time! Instead, Sonic and his pals are all in their big cars and they’re having a big race. Considering the animated short promotes the upcoming Team Sonic Racing, I guess that makes sense?

The short looks great. While it’s technically 3DCG animated, the animators did a fine job of employing a flat to give it that cartoon feel. Directed by Tyson Hesse, who also directed the absolutely worth watching Sonic Mania Adventures which we’ll link below in case you haven’t seem it, there’s both a love for the hedgehog and the art of animation. There have been numerous Sonic The Hedgehog cartoons over the years from the visually not wonderful but actually pretty funny Sonic Boom to that time Sonic, his brother Manic, and sister Sonia were all voiced by Jaleel White and joined a band in Sonic Underground.

Both Sonic Mania Adventures and Team Sonic Racing Overdrive is the best of Sonic The Hedgehog in animated form. Except, maybe, for the 90s Sonic The Hedgehog OVA aka Sonic The Movie. But that’s a whole different article. Sonic had a rough decade and a half but having grown up with the blue guy, we’re happy to see him beginning to reach the other side of that green hill. SEGA finally allowing different creators, and interestingly western ones, for Sonic nets some pretty good results.

Big The Cat

Sonic Team Racing Overdrive debuted on March 16th. A second episode will release in April. Sonic Team Racing drops May 21. More info here!

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