Sota Fujimori Launches SoundCloud Account Full of Pure Synth Bliss

Sota Fujimori Soundcloud

Sota Fujimori may be one of the most prolific names on the ever-growing roster of Bemani artists, but his online presence has always left a lot to be desired. For those outside of Japan, getting your hands on his music might not be easy. But whether or not you know him for his incredible “Synthesized” album releases, or even his in-game masterpieces on titles such as beatmania IIDX, Dance Dance Revolution and Sound Voltex, there’s no denying his musical quality — oh, and his obsession with synthesizers.

Previously die-hard fans looking to get a little more Sota Fujimori than what is made available publically would find themselves tracking down and adding him on Facebook, where he would often post videos of him toying around with traditional synthesizers and eurorack alike. With that being said, most of what was being shared was shorter videos. That all changed recently, however, with the launch of Sota Fujimori’s official SoundCloud account, created in reaction to the numerous fake accounts on the platform.

While it’s a shame that he’d feel the need to create such an account in reaction to the numerous fakes, it’s an exciting time for both pre-existing fans of Sota’s work, as well as fans of synthesis as a whole. It’s been shown time and time again over the years that he clearly knows what he’s doing when put in front of a wall of modules, or even behind a 72-key keyboard. While there’s only one track uploaded at the moment, simply titled “Rectangle”, it’ll be exciting to see what Sota Fujimori continues uploading from here on out.

Those interested in checking out Sota Fujimori’s recently launched SoundCloud, be sure the head over to it here.

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