KONAMI Announces Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR Release Date

Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR

Back in September of last year, we went and covered the location test for the upcoming Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR and we were extremely impressed. During the location test, KONAMI was also testing the new version of the Sound Voltex machine, the Valkyrie Model. This evening, KONAMI dropped a bomb on Sound Voltex fans with the announcement that Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR and the Valkyrie Model machines will be hitting Japanese arcades on 17 February 2021. That’s only two days away!

With the announcement of the new title and machine, we got some new information as well. If you’re a proponent of the beatmania IIDX Lightning Model cabinets getting exclusive songs, then you’re not going to like this announcement: KONAMI said that the Valkyrie Model for the game will be launching with an exclusive song, ‘VALKYRIE ASSAULT’ by BEMANI Sound Team “Syunn”.

Sound Voltex Exceed Gear Exclusive song visual

KONAMI also let us know about a handful of new songs and remixes that are being added to the title. Do note that this is nowhere near the full new song list. They also shared a couple of new modes that will be coming to the Valkyrie Model machines: the ARENA BATTLE and MEGAMIX BATTLE modes.

The last bit of info that KONAMI shared about the upcoming release is the type of content that you can transfer from Sound Voltex Vivid Wave to Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR. The items that you’re allowed to keep are: your SDVX ID, Player Name (can be changed), Score Data, Unlocked Songs, Appeal Cards, Crew, Achievements, VolForce. The items that you can’t carry over are: Skill Level, Skill Plates, Course Scores, Blaster Gauge, On hand PCB, On hand LE, Rivals (these will reset).

Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR screen

We will go to check out the new Valkyrie Model machine and the updated game once it hits local game centers here in Tokyo, so you can expect to see some more on-the-ground info about the title in the coming days. As of now, it seems that both Sound Voltex Vivid Wave and Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR will be operating concurrently, with the Valkyrie Model machines getting EXCEED GEAR first.

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