SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE Releases in Arcades Across Japan

SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE Releases in Arcades Across Japan

Today was definitely a day I’ve been waiting for, celebrating the release of SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE in arcades across Japan. For quite some time now, SOUND VOLTEX has been my rhythm game of choice, so naturally, I rushed to the nearest arcade as soon as possible to give the new version a spin. While the menu and interface have been changed drastically, I was still greeted by the once angelic but now sassy face of Rasis, who is now sporting a skimpy idol uniform and a microphone.

Surprisingly there wasn’t too long of a line at the arcade I chose, so I tapped my e-amuse pass and right away noticed the change in aesthetic. The whole interface of the game has received a total makeover, and it’s SO PINK. Like, so, so pink. The previous version had a neutral, heavenly blue and rainbow motif, but VIVID WAVE’s visuals are almost blinding. Rasis is an idol now, and I support her.

The new SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE update will include an overhead camera to capture you full combo-ing songs of the new fifth difficulty, VIVID. To be honest, I started playing SOUND VOLTEX a little over a year ago, and this is my first time experiencing a game update. It was a little difficult to immediately figure out how the slightly reworked song sorting system functioned, but it looks efficient.

The redone visuals are sharp and crisp, and the on-screen console looks even more futuristic, complete with cool translucent knobs. The game plays the same as before, for the most part. However, I did notice in one of the new songs a variation in the mapping that I had never seen before. I was delighted to see GALAXY BURST by Camellia in the “New Songs” folder. Hopefully, I come across some more new songs that challenge my reflexes!

I suppose most of the things I noticed after playing one game were the visual aspects. However, I’m sure I’ll catch onto more of the new mechanics as I play more. Available now in arcades across Japan, those interested in checking out further details on SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE can head over to its official website.

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