Space Invaders Sake Conquers Store Shelves this Summer

Space Invaders Sake

Just a few weeks ago, we announced how SEGA’s Yakuza series was getting its own sake line, and it seems that the ball doesn’t stop there. Just announced today, Space Invaders will be getting its own Sake line as well.

There will be a total of 3 styles of sake bring released under the Space Invaders line, a pure rice junmai, a pure rice junmai ginjo, and a pure rice junmai daiginjo. All of them will be brewed by the prolific Masuda Tokubee Shoten brewery in Kyoto.

Image Source: Trip Advisor

The brewery was established in 1675, which places it as one of the oldest in Kyoto’s Fushimi brewing district. The Fushimi brewing district also houses the Suntory Brewing Company, The Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum, as well as a number of other famous sake breweries. It truly is a legendary area of Japan.

The Space Invaders sake will be going on sale starting next month across Japan, and if you’re yearning to experience it, you can do so exclusively at EXBAR Tokyo as part of its Space Invaders Week starting on June 16th.

If you’ve never been to EXBAR in Ginza, you’re in for a treat as it’s a rather upscale Bar and Restaurant at the forefront of Tokyo’s Ginza district.

Their Space Invaders week will come with a number of Space Invaders “experiences”, food offerings, and of course, the Space Invaders sake. They will be offering a Space Invaders Beer Sampler based on the Space Invaders Crab, Squid, Octopus, and UFO for ¥1,500, a Space Invaders themed cocktail for ¥1,000, and last but not least, the Space Invaders sake which ¥3,000 will net you 750ml of alcoholic pleasure.


As I mentioned earlier, the Space Invaders event at EXBAR Tokyo will be starting on June 16th and running through June 30th. So if you’re in Tokyo at the time, you have the opportunity to try the sake before it hits the shelves of Japanese shops nationwide.

Masuda Tokubee Shoten, Namco
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