Crunchyroll and Funimation to Release ‘Space Patrol Luluco’

Announced today, Crunchyroll are working together with the team at Funimation to release Studio Trigger’s hit 2016 animated series “Space Patrol Luluco” in North America on Blu-Ray and DVD. It wasn’t all too long ago that the anime big-names announced that they’d be joining forces to bring even more of the shows we love to fans around the world. Taking it a step at a time, the partnership has proceeded to produce incredible results, with this release being the latest.

Featuring both English and Japanese voice overs, as well as full subtitling, there’s a whole lot to look forward with this release. Featuring all thirteen episodes of the series, fans will be treated to the full-hd adventure that is “Space Patrol Luluco”. Contained within the disc as an additional bonus will also be the textless ED theme. Crunchyroll have made the English-dubbed trailer for the series made available on theirTwitter, which can be streamed below:

Luluco’s dad has been frozen in a block of ice, and there’s only one way for this middle schooler to pay for the treatment-by taking his place in the Space Patrol! It’s a total pain, until she gets partnered with some perfect crush material, a.k.a. the handsome Nova from outer space. After her hometown of Ogikubo gets sucked into a black hole, it’s up to Luluco and a bunch of weirdos to track it down.

Priced at roughly $26 online, you’ll be able to pre-order the release ahead of its October 2017 availability. For further information on the release, as well as where to pre-order it, be sure to check out Funimation’s official website, here.

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