SpaceTone Rhythm Game Coming to Steam Early Access in Q3 2018

SpaceTone, the first game from developer SpaceSoySauceStudio, is a new rhythm game coming out on Steam early access this year.

According to the Steam page, the story of the game revolves around Vigo, a member of the “Space Reaper Association,” who judges the souls of the dying through music. At least one soul’s story arc was shown throughout the Steam page trailer.

Judging by the Steam page trailer, the game is played with the keyboard, hitting notes with a row of designated keyboard keys. The demo for the game can be found here, with either English or Japanese text.

The game will release with nine songs, each song having at least two levels of difficulty. The developers promise to add up to four additional chapters of story, accompanied by additional game content. The game will be in early access for roughly a year.

There is a demo currently available on itch.io.

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