SPINNS is Trickling Out Their 19SS STEE Clothing Collection

SPINNS is Trickling Out Their 19SS STEE Clothing Collection

Back in January of this year, I wrote about the launch of SPINNS all-new street-fashion oriented collaborative collection series STEE. The collection brought together a number of SPINNS’ own staff with various illustrators, creators, and students to design and create a new line of, what was at the time, Winter-oriented fashion. The end result was honestly great, and it definitely made me excited to see that the STEE collection was coming back with an all-new 19SS drop. It’s uncertain at present time whether this is the full collection, but at the very least pieces have certainly started to trickle onto SPINNS online store and various locations across Japan.

Coming in with six new pieces, all printed on long tee’s, the collection brings on some of the more popular designers from the 18AW collection once more to bring their illustrations to the streets. Most prominently, we see illustrator NSN return for three of the pieces, while Shiho So, KISA, and Gyoza Skateboard Co handle the other three pieces. It’s obvious that the second time around SPINNS is offering a lot more recognition for the creatives, especially showcased by their immediate inclusion in the item listing as opposed to last season. Definitely a welcome move, especially given how tight some of these pieces are.

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Most of these designs feature that same back-print that was utilized in SPINNS’ recent I”s collaboration, all again putting a focus on the upper-chest for additional print. Fortunately, it seems they gave the creatives control over what went here, though it is pretty uniform across each item that something is placed there. Overall though, the collection is definitely welcome, and I can genuinely see myself picking a few of these pieces up.

Available now both in-store and online via SPINNS’ webstore, those interested in checking out further information on the latest STEE 19SS collection can head over to the brand’s official website.

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