SPINNS Shares Latest “STEE” Collection Featuring Prominent Internet-Age Illustrators

SPINNS Shares Latest

Harajuku-born fashion outlet SPINNS has long walked the very thin line between mainstream appeal and underground culture. On one hand, they’ve cultivated and preserved brands such as Yubi ga Ippon, as well as their own anime-focused off-shoot store 2.5 SPINNS, but on the other, they’re the main suppliers for some of the most Harajuku-basic brands you’ll encounter. With that being said, it never fails to amaze me when they drop a collection truly worth your money, and that’s exactly what they’ve done once more with their latest “STEE” collection.

Calling on a number of internet-age digital creatives, the latest entry into their series of “STEE” series has my attention for sure. The collection first popped up in my Twitter feed over the weekend when illustrator nsn (@nsnnn7) began sharing that she was called on to do two pieces alongside another favorite illustrator of mine Shiho So (@so_shiho).

Coming in with a total of 21 pieces in the collection, we’re mostly seeing a combination of both pullover hoodies and long sleeve shirts being made available. Within the 21 pieces, there was a total of nine different creatives called in to design and illustrate, with each item doing a solid job of capturing the artistic vision of the creator. The collection is being made available in-store at select locations, as well as online via SPINNS and ZOZOTOWN’s websites.

Looking over the collection, the pieces from nsn are definitely must grabs for me, with her distinct style working perfectly on their accompanying pullovers. While SPINNS is consistently leaving me surprised with the collaborations they manage to pull off, it’ll be interesting to see how they handle exclusivity on these pieces. With how they have been going so far though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re gone once they’re gone.

Available now, those interested in checking out further information on the full collection, as well as the designers involved, be sure to check out SPINNS’ official website.

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