‘Splatoon 2: Live in Makuhari Messe’ CD Announced With Bonus Goodies

'Splatoon 2: Live in Makuhari Messe' CD Announced With Bonus Goodies

No matter how much I write about it, play it, consume anything related to it, Splatoon remains one of the freshest (pardon the pun) and most exciting IPs to come out in recent years, and I’m not sure I’d necessarily limit this to just gaming either. With its distinct style mixing Japanese street fashion with modern music, the inkling designs and the engagement encouraged through concerts, tournaments, and more means there’s always something new to experience when it comes to Splatoon.

One of my favorite things about the game is its music, and we’ve spoken on this site multiple times before about the various live concerts Nintendo have hosted, often in partnerships with Nico Nico Douga, featuring either the Squid Sisters or Off the Hook. I’d love to attend one of these concerts at one point, as although they are often short, they always look like so much fun in official concert videos released on Nintendo’s YouTube channels. The latest of these Splatoon 2 concerts, hosted at the Makuhari Messe, is set to receive a special live CD release which bundles in a live recording of the concert and more into one release.

Not only will fans be able to relive the concert in audio form through this CD release, but brand-new multiplayer music tracks not included in the most recent Octotune soundtrack such as Sea Sick and Easy Queazy, as well as a medley remix of music from Splatoon 1 and 2 by DJ Octavio. If that wasn’t enough, the entire audio from the 2016 Squid Sisters Saitama Super Arena concert will also be included in this release, essentially giving fans 2 full concerts to sink their teeth into on this CD.

The CD will be sold in two different versions. If you decide to simply choose the standard release, all of the above content will be included with their purchase. If, however, you decide to purchase the slightly more expensive limited edition release of this product, a Blu-ray will also be included featuring the video from Off the Hook’s most recent concert, while the entire product will also be housed within a special box with exclusive artwork that, I have to say, looks absolutely amazing.

New content for Splatoon 2 is beginning to wind down, content that was supposed to have already concluded before decisions were made to extend the timeframe of free updates for the game beyond what was initially planned. The game is rapidly approaching its final brand-new Splatfest, while all new maps and weapons planned for the game have been released. This CD is, in a way, a sendoff for the game, one that celebrates it and what it has been able to achieve through the power of song.

This new Splatoon 2 live CD will ship on July 24 with the standard edition being sold for 2500yen while its limited edition will cost a slightly pricier 4,200 yen. As a fan of the game’s music and in particular Off the Hook, I’ll definitely be interested in picking this CD up at the very least, and though it is a shame that in many ways this release marks the end of the game’s impressive post-release support, at least this CD shows they’re unafraid to go out with a bang.

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