Nintendo’s Stylish Shooter Splatoon is Getting an Anime

For many fully-invested in the gaming world, Splatoon is a name that needs little introduction. As one of Nintendo’s latest original franchises, the game blasted off both at home in Japan and abroad, going on to become one of the struggling Wii U console’s best selling games. Now, with the release of Splatoon 2 for the Switch just a few days off, it seem’s a perfect time to further cement the property as one of Japan’s hottest multi-media franchises.

Not just content with existing purely as a game, and going beyond official manga, art anthologies and even musical performances featuring holographic versions of squid idols, Splatoon is finally receiving an official anime adaptation. It will be based on the characters found in the official manga, and will debut on Japan’s CoroCoro Comic magazine’s YouTube channel.

In the official manga by Hinodeya Sankichi, four Squid Kids are featured – Goggles-kun, Headphones-chan, Glasses-kun and Knit Cap-chan. It’s a rather simple affair, wherein we see our aptly-named members of the Blue Team battling it out versus the troublesome Orange Team. As far as this adaptation goes, many details remain to be seen. Will the stories from the manga be getting the anime treatment, or will it follow a more original path? Details including the animating studio and cast have not been revealed, but since it is a web-based series and judging from the short length of the episodes in the manga, we can likely expect these to be relatively short and sweet themselves.

The above Tweet by Hinodeya contains the official announcement from this week’s issue of the magazine. While it’s certainly a Japan-only publication, take solace in the fact that Viz Media is releasing the manga overseas later this year. Hopefully, they can find a way to get the anime translated in an official capacity as well. 

In the meantime, keep an eye on the CoroCoro YouTube channel for fresh episodes beginning August 12.

via GameMemo (Japanese)

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