Spooky Pinball and Tsuburaya Productions Team up for Ultraman Pinball Machine

Ultraman Pinball

Here at OTAQUEST, there are a few of us that are avid pinball fans and really enjoy getting our hands on the newest machines when we can. When you combine Tokusatsu and pinball, however, you get something truly magical: the new Ultraman Kaiju Rumble is a limited-edition pinball machine from Spooky Pinball, LLC and Tsuburaya Productions. With Shin Ultraman on the horizon, the timing couldn’t be any better.

It really isn’t every day that you see a pinball machine themed after one of the most popular, if not the most popular tokusatsu series in existence, Ultraman. The game gives the ultimate experience as you play against Ultraman’s greatest kaiju foes! The pinball machine features original clips & music from the classic show, custom speech, incredible Matt Frank artwork, and additional music by Matt ‘Count D’ Montgomery. I think it also goes to mention that the machine is very limited to only five hundred units being made available worldwide. If you’re looking at purchasing one of these, you need to be a ‘Fang Club’ member with Spooky Pinball, LLC.

Ultraman PINBALL

Pre-orders kicked off for Fang Club members today, but unless you’re a member, you can’t see just how much the pinball machine costs. Unfortunately, I can’t share how much this masterpiece of a machine will set you back, but I don’t think it would be too bad.

Tsuburaya Productions, Spooky Pinball LLC
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