Sega Introduces SSSS.GRIDMAN Cosplay for Phantasy Star Online 2

Sega Introduces SSSS.Gridman Cosplay for Phantasy Star Online 2

Crossovers are always fun, and Sega has just come up with an interesting one.

Starting Wednesday, Phantasy Star Online 2 players can dress up as Yuta Hibiki, Rikka Takarada, and Akane Shinjo from the tokusatsu-themed anime series SSSS.GRIDMAN.

They can also cosplay as Gridman, although obviously Sega had to scale down the giant Hyper Agent hero to fit into the video game.

Of course, Gridman wouldn’t be complete without a giant weapon. So, the new costumes and items also include the Assist Weapon, Gridman Calibur.  They also introduced a floating book, in case you’re more of a magic user than a heavy weapons guy.

Sega also added Gridman and Long Gun/ Cannon lobby actions, so you can pose like Yuta and recreate scenes from the series.

More Details

The SSSS.GRIDMAN outfits are all part of a new AC Scratch, Wakeup Gridman.  You’ll have to spend Arks Cash. The cosplay items are all random, although some have slightly better odds than others.  The Wakeup Gridman AC Scratch will remain until Nov. 11.

Unlike some video game crossovers, there doesn’t appear to be any SSSS.GRIDMAN special mission for players to complete.  Just assemble an outfit and head out into battle.

Sega Introduces SSSS.Gridman Cosplay for Phantasy Star Online 2
Rikka Takarada cosplay

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a (mostly) free online role-playing game by Sega, available on multiple different platforms. It was first released in Japan in 2012, and it arrived in North America this year.

SSSS.GRIDMAN is Studio Trigger’s 2018 addition to the Gridman franchise.  The original Tsuburaya tokusatsu show dates back to 1993.

The Trigger version has new characters, but retains the same basic concept — a boy merges with a giant mecha/ robot to fight kaiju.

Sonic Team developed the original Phantasy Star Online, so you can also think of this as a Trigger/ Sonic crossover in a Six Degrees of Separation sort of way.

Tsuburaya Productions, Trigger / Akira Amemiya / "Gridman" Production Committee
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