Star Fox Soars on the Switch

Starfox Zero

What Is Star Fox?

A classic amongst gamers, Star Fox is a series of 3D Nintendo spaceship shoot-em-up games that debuted in 1993 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Due to its popularity, it’s had a fair amount of sequels. 

Following the Star Fox SNES debut, it upgraded to the Nintendo 64 with Star Fox 64 in 1997, then migrated to the Nintendo Gamecube in 2002 with Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox: Assault. Star Fox Command came to the Nintendo DS in 2006, followed by Star Fox Zero in 2016 for the Wii U.

Star Fox apparently had a completed sequel, titled Star Fox 2, ready to go in 1995, but they cancelled it because technology had marched on to 32-bit consoles like the Sony PlayStation. 

Clearly, they needed some time to compete, since The Nintendo 64 console came out the following year. Star Fox 2 was finally released in 2017 on the Super NES Classic Edition, and then on Nintendo Switch Online in 2019. It plays a lot like the classic game, but with the added bonus of multiplayer battle mode, where you can play with up to 4 people.

How Do You Play Star Fox?


Set in the Lylat solar system on the planet Corneria, Star Fox follows the adventures of Fox McCloud, the titular Star Fox, leads his team of the same name under the direction of General Pepper, the commanding officer of the Conerian defense force. Andross, an evil scientist, has come back with a massive army after his banishment to planet Venom.  It’s up to Fox McCloud and his team of skilled specialists to take to the skies and strike down Andross’ evil army for good. 


The gameplay is mostly aerial, which makes sense for an intergalactic space war setting. Players can control the speed of the famed Arwing at will, navigating through complex airfields, deftly dodging obstacles, and shooting down enemies. 

Later installations included things we take for granted, such as multiplayer mode, time trials and battle royale. Exploratory on-foot missions were also in Star Fox Adventures, which features the titular “Adventure Mode,” which is pretty much what it sounds like. It was compared to Legend of Zelda-style gameplay, which allows camera control, missions, and use of special items to complete quests. 

Luckily for fans of the original game, Star Fox: Assault guided the franchise more toward its rail shooter roots with the on-foot missions relegated to the background.


Almost all of the Star Fox characters are some kind of anthropomorphic animal. The main cast alone consists of foxes, birds, rabbits, dogs, and more. 

Fox McCloud a.k.a. Star Fox

The Fox man himself, Fox McCloud. Head of Team Star Fox and pilot of the Arwing, he follows in his father’s James McCloud’s footsteps as the leader of this legendary team. He’s earnest and determined, never hesitating to spring into action. 

Falco Lombardi

An avian ace pilot with a mysterious past, Falco Lombardi is cool, sarcastic, and detached, albeit somewhat of a hothead. He’s able to analyze a situation with precision and ease.

Slippy Toad

The youngest of the main cast, Slippy Toad’s bright, optimistic personality throws some levity in the mix. Although a brilliant inventor, he can be a bit clumsy and definitely more childish.

Peppy Hare

A retired older rabbit who used to fight on the last Star Fox team alongside Fox’s father James McCloud. Peppy joined the re-formed Star Fox team after James’ death. He’s very much a team dad, using his experience as a pilot and of fighting against Andross to aid in the team’s success. 

General Pepper

The bloodhound dog commander in chief of Corneria’s military forces who guides the team in the fight against Andross. He originally exiled Andross from Corneria.


The Big Bad of the Star Fox series. A vengeful, mad scientist with an affinity for biotech, galactic war, and the supernatural who was banished to the neighboring planet Venom (though you’d be vengeful if you were banished to a poisonous place, too!). 


A blue psychic fox (and Fox’s love interest) on a mission to discover the mysteries behind her parents’ demise and the obliteration of her home planet. She joins the team in Star Fox Adventures.

Switch Version

In addition to the Star Fox 2 release, Nintendo also put out Starlink: Battle for Atlus, an action-adventure Star Fox crossover in which the main mercenaries occasionally collaborate with the main cast while on the prowl for Wolf O’Donnell on their own time.

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