Steam to Allow First 100% Uncensored Adult Visual Novel

While these last few months have seen Steam’s parent company Valve in a bit of a standoff with the Visual Novel community, it looks like progress is finally beginning to be made following the announcement of the PC gaming platform’s first 100% uncensored adult title. Developer  Dharker Studios shared online earlier this week that their upcoming Negligee: Love Stories title, which had spent an extended period of time in limbo while Valve refined their terms would release on the Steam platform on September 14 completely unaltered from its original adult form.

While previous releases on the Steam platform allowed for a censored version of the visual novel to be installed, while later prompting the user to download a patch to re-add censored objects, the upcoming release of ​Negligee: Love Stories will be the first time a visual novel could be downloaded with adult content completely uncensored. The announcement was made via the official Steam page for the game, with Dharker Studio’s comments available below:

I am happy to say that Steam have now released new content filters including the Mature Adult game filter, and confirmed to us that happily the game can be re-reviewed with this content in mind.

As such tomorrow we will be re-submitting the game for review in its fully uncensored format.

I have also set a new release date for the 14th September 2018.

Giving enough time to not only re-review the game and prepare everything but also potentially refine the game further and add in some more art and images before we release the game on steam fully uncensored as it was originally designed.

Update: The game has completed the review process and will be released on schedule this Friday, 100% uncensored.

While it might be the first of its kind to release on Steam, there’s no doubt in our mind that Negligee: Love Stories is only the start of what’s bound to be a massively expansive push onto the platform. Stemming from such an already developed genre of games, we can’t help but wonder just where Valve will eventually draw the line — though only time can tell. Until then, you can check out Negligee: Love Stories on Steam right now, here.

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