‘Steins;Gate’ Series Announces Ten ‘Special Projects’ for 10th Anniversary

The conclusion of the Steins;Gate 0 anime adaptation last year had a lot of fans thinking that this might be the end of the franchise for a good while. After all, there’s nothing left to adapt – unless studio White Fox wanted to try their hand at some of those weird fan disks, of course.

But this year is a special one. 2019 marks ten years since the release of the original Steins;Gate game on October 15, 2009. A lot has changed then, not least of which the art style. Perhaps it would be foolish to think that developers Nitroplus and 5pb. would let this anniversary simply pass by. Rather, the wee hours of April 2 saw them launch a mysterious new website in anticipation of big plans for the 10th-anniversary celebration.

The main focus of the website is on a set on ten ‘special projects’ that, as of the time of writing, are yet to be announced. That’s right – there won’t just be one measly exhibition to celebrate the anniversary like the Fate franchise, oh no. Nitroplus and 5pb. are going all out with a whopping ten different projects to mark the occasion.

Steins;Gate 10th anniversary special projects

What these ‘projects’ actually entail is a different question entirely, but looking at what the series has done in the past should give us some clues. The premiere of the Steins;Gate 0 anime prompted collaborations with an AR game and the Kanazawa style curry restaurant GoGo Curry in and around the Akihabara area. Anime fashion outfit SuperGroupies even put out a new fashion line. So seeing anything to do with games, food, merchandising and Akihabara itself wouldn’t be unusual for the series, but I am fully expecting Nitroplus and 5pb. to take me by surprise with their grand plans.

The design of the logo for the 10th-anniversary celebration itself has already taken me by surprise. No matter your own opinions on best girl or even best boy, it’s usually either Okabe or Kurisu that takes center stage for any type of Steins;Gate design. But the logo for the 10th-anniversary celebration is a little bit different – Okabe is certainly present, but beside him is none other than his Favorite Right Arm and Supah Hackah, Daru himself.

Steins;Gate 10th Anniversary logo full

This is a welcome departure from the traditions of the series and spells a truly exciting period for any Steins;Gate fan. Just because the story might have stopped doesn’t mean you can get off the train just yet – I, for one, am still riding it into the sunset, cackling like a mad scientist the entire way.

Keep your eye on the official Steins;Gate 10th-anniversary website for further updates as they come.

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