STRICT-G Releases New G Gundam-Inspired Collection


Mobile Suit G Gundam, often lauded as the outcast of the franchise, needs more love. It’s campy, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the heavy focus on martial arts gives it a feel like no other. Thankfully, Gundam-inspired apparel shop STRICT-G is planning to remedy that by bringing the international feel of the series to a new line of shirts, jackets and pants.

Stylish doesn’t even cover it: sporting these will have you feeling ready to step into the pilot’s seat and win a tournament or two.

The brand has been busy over the past year, releasing a collection of Zeta Gundam themed T-shirts in late October 2020 and some seriously high-quality Gundam flight jackets a week later. There’s never anything overtly commercial or audacious about the brand’s designs, and it’s that bit of subtlety that makes all the difference.

For many of these pieces, passersby may not even notice you’re repping one of the most memorable series of the Toonami era.


The collection is available to preorder at the Premium Bandai shop from now until 2 May. If you’re lucky enough to be in Japan, certain pieces of the collection will be available to purchase at STRICT-G stores starting 24 April. We’d reccomend using that shining finger to smash that ‘purchase’ button before these sell out.


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