Zeta Gundam Shirts From Strict-G Dazzle The Eyes

Zeta Gundam Shirts From Strict-G Dazzle The Eyes

More than of few people out there, this writer included, would say Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is a better show than the original, with many calling it the best of the franchise. While that’s a little more debatable, there’s no denying that Zeta is a beloved part of the Universal Century Gundam canon. However these days it tends to go underrepresented, with most of the legacy merchandise albeit understandably centering around the original Mobile Suit Gundam. That’s why we’re happy to see these Strict-G designed Zeta Gundam shirts not only bring back the whirlwind sequel but do so with a great eye for design.


These Strict-G designed Zeta Gundam Shirts are available for order on Premium Bandai now and will start shipping out next month. Fans of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam will find a lot to love in both the long and short sleeve designs, with the show’s most prominent suits getting some great design work. Both of the high contrast golden Hyakku Shiki shirts simply strike the eyes and the Zeta Gundam design in the same being also looks great. Being a Haman Karn diehard, I’m happy to see her Qubeley get such good representation pictured above. The Tees will run you about 50 dollars and the long-sleeves closer to 75, admittedly making this pricey for what they are.

Much like Radio Eva is for Evangelion, Strict-G is something of an in-house Gundam based clothing brand ran in conjunction with Bandai. While lots of designers have tried their hand at Mobile Suit Gundam merchandise including the megalith Uniqlo, we’re not too surprised that these Zeta Gundam shirts are coming from the ones who actually are intimately involved with the franchise. With Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, far from being forgotten but still, not the original nor the current iteration of Gundam, this show’s potential merchandise buyer pool is smaller than it would be if Char or RX 78-2 themed. Doesn’t stop the Strict-G apparel from looking great though!

Hyakku Shiki Shirt

You can pre-order the Strict G Zeta Gundam Shirts here.

Sunrise / Strict-G
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