Studio Ghibli Collaborates with LeSportsac in My Neighbor Totoro Collection

My Neighbor Totoro x LeSportsac Collection

My Neighbor Totoro has always been one of Hayao Miyazaki’s better, more memorable anime fantasy film romps. This week, Studio Ghibli began a collaboration with LeSportsac for a line of bags featuring the big, friendly forest guardian creature (or whatever he is) and his friends.

My Neighbor Totoro x LeSportsac Collection

Like the magical characters in the film, the My Neighbor Totoro Collection bags come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from a tote bag to a cosmetic bag. They also include a couple of ‘weekend’ or ‘weekender’ bags, a clutch, an ‘everyday’ bag, and something they describe as a ‘classic hobo’ bag.

The bags come in two styles. Totoro Botanical features Totoro and some other creatures amongst a background of blooming wildflowers. These are light blue. Totoro Gray bags are pretty much what you would expect: They’re gray, and they have a lot of Totoro on them.

My Neighbor Totoro x LeSportsac Collection

The collection also includes a couple of small, colorful pouches featuring Totoro.

The bags will go on sale on 10 March, and they don’t seem to have any pre-orders available. The bags will be available at LeSportsac’s online store, here. Rakuten Fashion will also have the bags available online. The bags should also be available at Sora no Ue, the online shop for Donguri Republic, Studio Ghibli’s official goods shop. Although, to be honest, I have always had trouble navigating Sora no Ue.

If you’re in Japan, you will find the bags at LeSportsac stores, including their flagship on Meiji-dori in Omotesando (Exit 7, Meiji-jingumae Sta.). There will also be a pop-up shop from 10 to 21 March at LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza; and another one from 10 to 16 March at Takashimaya Yokohama.

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