Ornaments and Fashion to be Sold at Studio Ghibli’s New Adult-Oriented GBL Store in Shibuya

Ornaments and Fashion to be Sold at Studio Ghibli’s New Adult-Oriented GBL Store in Shibuya

GBL is a sub-brand of Studio Ghibli’s merchandising line-up with one clear focus: create merchandise and clothing with a targeted appeal towards fashion-conscious young adults with disposable income and a love for the studio’s properties. Ever since the sub-brand launched in 2017, the merchandise offered under the label has differed somewhat from the usual fare found in the Ghibli Museum or the company’s other themed stores around Japan, even if some of it can be found in these stores and online. In celebration of the first GBL store opening in Shibuya with the opening of GBL Miyashita Park next week, a new selection of bobblehead and ornamental items have been revealed to go on sale alongside new items of Studio Ghibli-themed clothing and more.

The GBL brand was created with a focus on creating items based on their properties aimed at adults with care for the design and materials used. This can be seen in past lineups of clothing that have been released under the label, and in the ornaments recently unveiled to be sold at the store upon its opening next week. These items are based on Uncle Pom from Laputa: Castle in the Sky as well as Porco Rosso.

The Porco Rosso bobble head is based on the character’s iconic pilot outfit from the film, and you can even see the flying goggles perched on his head. This item can be purchased in either a small size, where the item barely reaches 9cm in height and is clearly designed more for an office space, or a far larger 33cm model, with materials also differing from PVC for the smaller item to polyester resin for the larger one. These will cost 980yen or 12800yen depending on size.

The Uncle Pom ornament is available in just a single size and is made of polyester resin. This detailed replica of the character has a removable lantern and is featured with his backpack. This ornament, meanwhile, stands at 16cm tall and will be sold for 7800yen upon its release.

This is on top of the more fashion-oriented items that are traditionally sold under the brand name. For example, earlier this month a new collection of Hawaiian shirts and skirts themed on Kiki’s Delivery service and My Neighbor Totoro in fetching yellow and green motifs were made available, and a number of printed shirts with more subdued styles are also available. With the brand predominantly targeted at young adults through this style of clothing, you can imagine many items like this will be available at Studio Ghibli’s GBL store in Shibuya once it opens.

Studio Ghibli’s GBL Miyashita Park store is set to open in the fashion-oriented Tokyo district of Shibuya on July 28th, and more information can be found on the company’s official website.

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