Ghibli Adds Whimsy to Your Hand Sanitizer Routine

Studio Ghibli Hand Sanitizer

Among other things, 2020 has brought a revolution to the hand sanitizer industry, with it being sold out in large swaths of the world for months on end. It seems like production ramped up and, in an effort to fight off that pesky virus, you can in fact buy appendage alcohol once again. Even after the pandemic chills out, we imagine an increase in people carrying around those little bottles of cleaning solution to be a permanent fixture.

Why not do so in style, and specifically, in Studio Ghibli style?

Studio Ghibli Kiki Hand Sanitizer

We can’t be too sure if these bottles are the first anime-branded hand sanitizer, but we haven’t seen any others yet! While anime-themed face masks have been a regular fixture in the merch meta as of late, Studio Ghibli might actually be first to take this logical step into goods.

Teaming up with skincare and fragrance company Maria Regale, Studio Ghibli is offering an ethanol-based cleaning solution with a scent they claim mixes jasmine, pears, and lily. The idea of a relaxing scent pair well with that rustic Studio Ghibli imagery, don’t you think?

Studio Ghibli Whisper of The Heart Hand Sanitizer

The initial launch of the Studio Ghibli x Maria Regale hand sanitizer collab comes in two variants: Kiki’s Delivery Service and Whisper of The Heart. We like that the bottles are dolled up with related illustrations instead of movie screenshots. Having a real hand and paint feel to them, these little guys are cute enough to make an argument for hand sanitizer being an honest-to-god accessory of some time. After all, face masks have been used in fashion long before Covid, so why not the same for finger ethanol? We’d guess Ghibli will come out with more designs.

These cute Ghibli hand sanitizer bottles will go on sale on 21 November.

Studio Ghibli
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