Studio Ghibli’s Releasing These Charming Glass Cups

Studio Ghibli's Releasing These Charming Glass Cups

There’s a lot of exclusive Studio Ghibli merchandise you can only get while you’re in Japan. While people in the United States had their thirst for Ghibli memorabilia quenched a little more frequently recently, with officially licensed goods on sale at Hot Topic and other similar stores, the variety just isn’t available outside of Japan. From tastefully designed t-shirts to this extremely cool Nausicaä figure, you can always find some new Studio Ghibli thing to adorn your home or body with. The latest? These rather adorable glass cups that will be exclusively on sale at Donguri, Ghibli’s version of ‘The Disney Store’.

Ghibli Glass Cups

The ‘Vintage Glass Collection’ features six designs that will retail for 1,024 yen a piece and be available for you to buy at Donguri at the end of this month. Castle In The Sky, Porco Rosso, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Whisper Of The Heart are represented in this collection. One thing I think is noteworthy about these cups; some designs don’t feature the main characters from the films. In particular, the Castle In The Sky glass features the film’s family of thieves and the Spirited Away one has Yubaba and some of the bathhouse denizens. These are a fine addition to any kitchen. You can see the full design details here.

Spirited Away Glass Cup

With a full on ‘Ghibli Park’ on the way, things aren’t slowing down for the most beloved animation studio in Japan. Hayao Miyazaki is working on yet another film and their famed composed Joe Hisaishi is doing an orchestral series in New York City later this year. You don’t really need us to explain the significance of Studio Ghibli but while I’m here I do recommend checking out their lesser known films like Ocean Waves and My Neighbor The Yamadas as they’re just as wonderful as the rest.

The Studio Ghibli Vintage Glass Collection goes on sale at Donguri this month.

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