Masafumi Nishida and MAPPA Announce Water Polo Anime ‘RE-MAIN’


I think by now, I would understand that Japan absolutely loves its anime series about sports, right? I mean you have The Prince of Tennis, Yowamushi Pedal, Tiger Mask Wand a plethora of other anime that I can think of off the top of my head. Today, Studio MAPPA and director Masafumi Nishida announced that their new water polo-themed anime RE-MAIN will be hitting the Japanese airwaves starting this year in 2021. They also outlined the main staff and cast.

RE-MAIN Anime Poster

The name Masafumi Nishida might sound familiar to you because he played a key role as the head writer in Sunrise’s Tiger & Bunny. For the new project he will be taking the helm of creator, chief director, series script supervisor, audio director , and scriptwriter for every episode (talk about wearing a lot of hats). The announcement came with a brief synopsis of the story:

In the winter of his third year of junior high school, the main character Minato Kiyomizu quit playing water polo after a particular incident, but starts playing water polo with his friends again at his new high school. However, the less than good water polo club is faced with a variety of difficulties…

RE-MAIN Anime Characters

Along with the announcement of the series, we also got the cast: Yuto Uemura playing the role of Minato Kiyomizu; Kotaro Nishiyama playing the role of Minato’s friend Eitaro Ota; Subaru Kijima playing the role of Jo Jojima, the captain of the high school water polo team; and Lynn playing the role of Chinu Kawakubo, a girl who knows Minato’s who knows a bit about his past history.

RE-MAIN is scheduled to start airing on Japanese TV stations sometime in 2021.

Studio MAPPA
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