Studio Orange releases breathtaking short-film “Something Lost” in collaboration with New Chitose Airport

Something Lost by Studio Orange

Studio Orange released the short film “Something Lost” that will be playing at the New Chitose Airport. Directed by Takuji Miyamoto with the score done by sooogood!, the film sets out to portray “What do people feel when they visit the rich and grand nature of Hokkaido?”. The short film is currently playing in the International Terminal meeting space “Digital Symbol”.  

The film captures the story of a girl who is lost in nature but eventually finds her identity. The faded pallet combined with sooogood!’s upbeat and youthful track paint a dreamscape, serving to exemplify the introspective nature of the short film. 

Apart from presenting us with a wonderful landscape, the purpose of this short is two-fold. After the girl wakes up for the first time, the title card is displayed over a shot that takes place under the water. With the seafloor full of rocks and the waves gushing above, the shot almost mimics a timelapse of a landscape with the rocks being the earth and the waves being the sky.

This sentiment is later repeated when the girl, with her desire to fly, attempts to see if floating will fill the same hole in her heart. Instead, her gaze is averted to a butterfly, reminding her that drifting around will never fulfill her desire to fly and go on an adventure. The short film ends on the girl gazing out onto the ocean, finally, with her heart set ablaze and the screen fading to the original few shots without the girl in sight. That is because she realizes she desires to fly across the ocean, bringing together the waves and the clouds once again. Where does she want to fly to? We can only assume that she wants to take a trip to Hokkaido via the New Chitose Airport!

Given Studio Orange’s reputation when it comes to being on the frontier of 3D anime with shows like Beastars and Land of the Lustrous, they’ve really flexed their talents once again showing how strong they are in traditional 2D as well.

The full list of credits is as follows:

Director: Takuji Miyamoto

Music: sooogood!

Composite: Junpei Takatsu

Edit: Misato Takigawa

Producer: Taruho Akizuki, Kiyotaka Waki

Project by: New Chitose Airport Terminal Building

Planning by: New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival Committee

Development by: Project

Production by: Orange

Studio Orange
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