Studio TRIGGER is Getting Their Own Suitcase, Pre-Orders Open Now

It should be no surprise for fans by now to see Studio TRIGGER related merchandising coming from Good Smile Company, after all, both companies are tied closely together through holding company Ultra Super Pictures. That being said, things have taken an interesting turn as of late. Not only are we finally seeing the first distinctly “TRIGGER” branded product from Good Smile (as opposed to one of the properties that the studio has worked on), but it’s a suitcase of all things! Many TRIGGER fans may have seen this pictures of this oddity hovering around on twitter, but now that pre-orders have opened as of November 30th is it an item worth owning?


The first thing that pops out about the aptly named “TRIGGER Suitcase” would have to be its fantastic design. The suitcase is sleek and streamlined, opting to go for a more minimalist look. The black rim and wheels contrast quite smoothly with the white body, creating a very clean aesthetic. The TRIGGER logo is gently engraved on the main face of the suitcase without any distinct paint job, clearly displaying itself while not drawing too much attention. In many ways, this is the ideal “low-key” anime accessory. The interior goes for a gentle tone of red with a repeating TRIGGER logo. The pattern isn’t particularly stand-out but it does the job well enough. It also comes prepackaged with some stickers to help kick off your “customization” which is a nice touch.

As far as the specifications go, the suitcase is honestly quite standard. The 540mm x 350mm x 220mm sizing makes it appropriate for carry-on usage for most airlines. The storage volume of 32L puts it slightly on the lower end but having two usable compartments more than makes up for it. The one point of contention is that the price tag of 17,500 JPY before tax (approx. $160 USD) is a bit steep for a suitcase that isn’t 100% polycarbonate, but that’s almost to be expected on any “brand-name” item (just don’t expect it to last you forever).

What might interest fans to know is that this is not actually the first suitcase that Good Smile Company has released. Their first and only other suitcase was released back in November of 2016, as a collaboration between suitcase manufacturer PROTEX and GOODSMILE RACING. That being said, it’s hard to compare the two products. While the TRIGGER suitcase prioritizes a sleek design and brand appeal, the Goodsmile Racing “counterpart” promotes a safe and sturdy design, seemingly at the cost of its aesthetic appearance. There is also quite the price difference between the two products, with the Goodsmile Racing suitcase bolstering a price tag of 36,111 JPY before tax (approx. 320USD), putting the TRIGGER suitcase at about half the price. The most interesting thing to take from this is the fact that Good Smile has opted to manufacture the suitcase themselves rather than partnering with PROTEX again, making the TRIGGER suitcase the “first” in many ways regardless.

All-in-all, the TRIGGER Suitcase is probably worth it for the more hardcore fans, or at least the ones who intend on traveling a lot. It will be interesting to see if Good Smile Company will be producing any more TRIGGER branded merch in the future, or any more suitcases for that matter.

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