Sui Ishida’s First Large-Scale Exhibition Focuses on Tokyo Ghoul, Jack Jeanne

Tokyo Ghoul

Given that Sui Ishida has been an active creator for about a decade now, exploding onto the manga scene in 2011 with his Tokyo Ghoul, it may surprise you to hear that he has yet to participate in a large-scale exhibition. Sure, there have been many smaller events for the Tokyo Ghoul anime and manga releases, but Ishida has never participated in one himself. That is all set to change, however, as it was announced on July 29 that Ishida Sui will be hosting his first large-scale exhibition focused on Tokyo Ghoul, as well the upcoming Jack Jeanne otome game launching for Nintendo Switch this December.

According to the press release, visitors will be able to “experience” the world of the creator while also seeing how a project is “born” from scratch through production materials and illustrations. Much like other anime and manga exhibitions, this will no doubt involve going around and looking at things hung up on walls, but it is interesting to note that Jack Jeanne isn’t even out yet. Might this be an indication that the game really is on track to meet the delayed December release? We hope so.

Sui Ishida exhibition

Of course, the continued spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) means that when and where this Sui Ishida exhibition will take place is unknown. Especially with cases spiking in Tokyo, it seems unlikely that things will fall into place this year. As such, there are no concrete details as of yet (the key visual just says “Coming Soon”), but you can be sure that we will keep you updated as they come.

The Coronavirus, in general, puts large-scale events such as this Sui Ishida exhibition at risk. With events like Momoiro Clover Z’s concert being cancelled left, right, and center, it’s hard to imagine things going back to normal any time soon. That’s bad news for anyone who wants to enjoy Ishida’s incredible watercolor artstyle, but what can you do?

Check out the official website for more details.

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