‘Summer Wars’ to Receive Limited-Time 4DX Screenings to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

'Summer Wars' to Receive Limited-Time 4DX Screenings to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

Here’s something I don’t want to think about while typing — it’s been over 10 years since Mamoru Hosoda’s masterful Summer Wars first hit theaters across Japan. I guess we’ve known that for a while, but the memory of my first viewing of the film is still etched into my memory, even if it wasn’t upon its initial release. But despite the dread of getting older that accompanies such an anniversary, there’s also some good news too; namely, as part of the ongoing 10th-anniversary celebrations for the film, Summer Wars will once more be coming to theaters across Japan, this time receiving the premium 4DX experience.

Mamoru Hosoda’s masterful ‘Summer Wars’ is set to return to theaters across Japan for a limited-time 4DX run in celebration of the film’s 10th-anniversary.

Set to hit select theaters nationwide on January 17, 2020, the 4DX reimagining will only serve to thrust us deeper into the OZ mainframe as we follow the story of Kenji Koiso and his fight against the ever-chaotic Love Machine. If you’re yet to see this film, you’d absolutely be doing yourself a disservice to not change that. Mamoru Hosada should already be a well-established name within your mind, and if he’s not, then maybe his several major works such as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Wolf Children, The Boy and the Beast and Mirai are.

While there’s no current confirmation that the 4DX film will be hitting theaters outside of Japan, given Summer Wars’ prolific status, one can only hope it does make the leap. Otherwise, you’d best be practicing your Japanese because this definitely isn’t your average story. Given the recent run of films such as Promare in 4DX across the United States, there might just be a slimmer of hope for those not able to catch the film here in Japan during its theatrical run.

Coming January 17, 2020, those interested in checking out additional information on the upcoming 4DX screenings of Summer Wars can head over to the film’s official website.


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