Super Dimension Century Orguss: Future Warfare

Super Dimension Century Orguss: anime visual

Super Dimension Century Orguss was a science fiction anime that ran from 1983 to 1984 over the course of 35 episodes. It was directed by Noboru Ishiguro and Yasuyoshi Mikamoto and written by Ken’ichi Matsuzaki and Hiroshi Ohnogi. This show was part of The Super Dimension trilogy which was financed by Big West advertising, preceded by The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and followed by The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross.

The show takes place in the year 2020, and the world is at war. There are two opposing powers that are at ends over a space elevator. The weaponry is far more dangerous than atomic, biological or chemical weapons. It takes the shape as dimensional weapons like the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb, which must be armed by a team of engineers. The group called the Freedom Space Corps plan to put one of these bombs within the space elevator. However, they are forced to abort and destroy the bomb before it is properly armed. One insane fighter pilot of the group, Kei Katsuragi, decides to arm the bomb with insurmountable consequences. This dimensional  explosion sends him and his fighter plane to an insanely damaged future. Upon arrival he is pursued without knowing why by the militaristic Chilam and aided by the Gypsie-like Emaa. Their interest in him is unknown, but it is foreshadowed that he possesses ‘singularity.’ After his fighter plane is damaged in a fight, it is modified into the Orguss, the mecha of the entire show. 

Super Dimension Century Orguss: anime visual

The Commanding Crew of Main Characters

Kei Katsuragi 

This character is voiced by Sho Hayami in Japanese and Tom Fahn in English. 

He is the second lieutenant of the Freedom Space Corps and the main character. He was tasked with protecting the group of engineers that were attempting to arm the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb to blow up the Space Elevator. After being transported 20 years into the future, the tradefolk of the city Emaan dub his as the Singularity. He is a womanizer and immediately begins a new romantic relationship in this new reality with a woman named Mimsy. 

Mimsy Larz 

This character is voiced by both Run Sasaki and Kumi Sakuma in Japanese and Melissa Fahn in English. She is only 16 years old and is interested in battle tactics. She initially is drawn to Kei because it is rumored he is the Singularity. She experiences a divide between following orders to slay him and her romantic feelings. She truly acts as Kei’s confidant and guide through the culture of the Emaans. 

Shaya Thoov 

This character is voiced by Kumiko Takizawa in Japanese and Dorothy Elias-Fahn in English. 

She is the captain of the Glomar and also manages the ship’s business and controls. When she hears of Kei’s Singularity, she is instructed to bring him back to Emaan homeland immediately. She closely follows the customs of Emaan culture and her family along with Mimsy’s family run the country. 


This character is voiced by Sanae Miyuki in Japanese and Patty Spellman in English. 

A dynamic and raw character, she is an android in the appearance of a little girl. Kei purchased her in a small village and her programming has her serve whoever bought her. She stems from the Mu race, which is known for its impeccably advanced machinery with AI capabilities. She can cook, nurse, and repair machinery. Although a robot, she has real emotions and openly tells Kei her desire to be his wife. 

Orson D. Verne

This character is voiced by Hirotaka Suzuoki and Kenyu Horiuchi in Japanese and Victor Garcia in English. He is Kei’s best friend who is also in the Freedom Space Corps and was on the same mission to destroy the Space Elevator. He also ends up being sent to the future and meets someone named Tina who promises to help him find Kei. He then joins the Chiram army and is tasked with finding the Singularity, before he knew it was in fact Kei. Orson ends up being the second Singularity and they are both the only way to restore the different worlds to their former state. 

A show that takes an incredible journey through space and time in a heated frenzy of battles. The combination of advancement is intriguing, and the intensity is unmatched. Combining elements of perceptions of reality is a fascinating element that viewers can really get lost in. A unique scifi anime series that will you perhaps questioning your own place in time and this world!

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