“Super Mario Family Museum” Collection From UNIQLO Debuts April 1

Super Mario Family Museum Logo

Japanese fast-fashion giant UNIQLO continues to tempt us with their new “Super Mario Family Museum” collection. An assortment of 30 designs, featuring different pieces for men, women, and children, will release online and select stores April 1, 2019. Largely sticking to more retro designs, mostly 8-bit art mixed with some 16-bit and character illustrations, these shirts aim to appeal to both longtime Mario fans and children who currently enjoy the games. If you’re buying stateside, the shirts will run $14.90 before tax for men and women, and $9.90 for kids. At least these won’t break the bank.

Super Mario Family Museum Logo

The “Super Mario Family Museum” collection isn’t Nintendo’s first rodeo with UNIQLO. Two years ago, UNIQLO unveiled “UTGP2017 x Nintendo”; a collection of dozens of shirts from many Nintendo franchises featuring largely fan-created designed. While the new line doesn’t feature Zelda, Pikachu, Detective Pikachu, or, say, captain falcon, it’s nice seeing the two companies collaborate again on some well designed yet still affordable pieces. If you can’t find these shirts in your local UNIQLO April 1, remember you’ll be able to order internationally from UNIQLO’s website. Can’t tell you how much shipping will be, though.

Super Mario Family Museum Women's Shirts

I don’t really think Mario nor UNIQLO need big introductions. Mario has been there all your life. Jumping on goombas. Triple jumping into the sky. Doing something called a ‘half A press’??? He’s Nintendo’s main guy. UNIQLO’s rather gigantic now too. Operating in Japan since 1949, the last 15 years have turned them into an international powerhouse competing toe-to-toe with the likes of H&M and Zara. One nice thing about UNIQLO; their frequent anime and video game collaborations usually release worldwide, making pretty decent looking nerd-wear affordable for everybody. With their colossal presence, “Super Mario Family Museum” won’t be the last of these collabs.

The “Super Mario Family Museum” collection will release at UNIQLO on April 1. More details here.

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