Nintendo TOKYO Announces Super Mario Home and Party Goods

Super Mario Home & Party Goods

The Nintendo TOKYO store in Shibuya PARCO always has some of the best Nintendo related items that you could ever find on the market. Today, they announced their new line of items that are meant to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day. The big ‘N’ announced a series of goods that will warm your heart and house: the new Super Mario Home and Party Goods set. They’re so much about the holiday that they have even put together a special YouTube video showing you what you can do with the new home goods.

I love to have a fair assortment of Super Mario goods around the house now and then, but I think that even outside of Valentine’s Day, some of these items would be good to just have around, regardless of the holiday. The new Super Mario Home & Party line has a chocolate bar mold, paper that you can write notes on, Yoshi-themed oven mitts, adult and child aprons, pipe and ‘?’ block-shaped muffin cups, and more.

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The Super Mario Home & Party items are available exclusively at the Nintendo TOKYO store in Shibuya PARCO. If Nintendo is your thing and you have been looking to collect some more Mario related merchandise, this might be right up your alley. As with all the Nintendo TOKYO stuff, you’re going to have to have someone local (friend or proxy service) go pick it up for you and arrange shipping. The Super Mario Home & Party items will be available starting today, 29 January 2021.

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