SuperGroupies Announces Line of Cowboy Bebop Goods

SuperGroupies Cowboy Bebop Items

SuperGroupies has been on a roll recently with their Resident Evil and Demon’s Souls collaboration items. Today they announced a new line of items themed after the legendary series Cowboy Bebop.

Similar to the previous entries, the Cowboy Bebop line of goods contains a watch, a bag, and a wallet. Each of the items is usable in all situations and fashion styles that you could possibly think of.

For starters, the Cowboy Bebop silver watch offers the worldview of main character Spike. The primary color is silver with a dark blue face which has the line ‘See You Space Cowboy’ at the bottom. The rear of the watch is etched with the Cowboy Bebop logo and comes with special packaging. The watch can be purchased for ¥23,980 which is honestly a much more fair price than what I had imagined when I first saw it.

Cowboy Bebop Watch

The Cowboy Bebop bag is different from the one offered in previous collaborations as it is a handbag and a backpack. The bag is a dark blue color with a blue and white pattern on the inside with the ‘See You Space Cowboy’ wording stitched on the bag itself. You can make the bag your own for the price of ¥17,380.


Last is the Cowboy Bebop wallet which is a simple dark blue wallet with the Cowboy Bebop logo embossed on the bottom corner of the wallet itself. The inside of the wallet has a yellow trim which really gives it its own sense of style. The wallet will cost you ¥11,880.


Each of the items is available through the SuperGroupies website and will be shipping to customers starting in January 2022 for the watch, with the bag and wallet shipping to customers in November of this year.

If you’re looking at making some of these items your own, you can have a friend or a proxy purchase them on your behalf as SuperGroupies does not ship internationally.

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