SuperGroupies Announces Resident Evil 25th Anniversary Collaboration

Biohazard x SuperGroupies

Hot on the tail of their Demon’s Souls collaboration announcementSuperGroupies has announced that they will be bringing a new line of items to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan).

Leon S Kennedy Biohazard x SuperGroupies

Albert Wesker Biohazard x SuperGroupies

Much like the Demon’s Souls collaboration, the Biohazard 25th Anniversary collaboration will see a number of items released to fans of the series. The characters represented are Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, and Leon Kennedy, and the items will be same but with different color variants. Each character will be getting a watch, a backpack, and a wallet.

Jill Valentine’s items have a dark blue color, Albert Wesker’s items have a black carbon fiber finish, Chris Redfield’s items have a dark green/olive finish, and Leon Kennedy’s items have a brown color finish.

Jill Valentine Biohazard x SuperGroupies

Chris Valentine Biohazard x SuperGroupies

Each of the items is available to order through the SuperGroupies website and will be shipping to customers later in the year. If you’re looking to purchase any of these items, you’re going to need to find a friend to place the order for you or find a proxy that will order on your behalf.

Capcom, SuperGroupies
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