SuperGroupies Designs An Entire Persona 4 Outifit And Accessories

SuperGroupies Designs An Entire Persona 4 Outifit And Accessories

Japanese fashion brand SuperGroupies has announced that they have created a high-end line of sophisticated clothing and accessories with a motif that is based off the game Persona 4. The lineup includes six stylish items that catch a bit of a high price, but for the trade-off of looking as mysterious as the game’s reticent protagonist.

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The fashion goods lineup consists of six items, including a watch, a coat, a messenger bag, a wallet, a pass case, and glasses. The coat and messenger bag are designed after the uniforms from the game’s Yagami High School, the school where the shadow hunting teens all attend and live out their normal daytime school lives. The watch has Persona 4‘s black and yellow motif, and features a window with a changing symbol that was significant to the game. The wallet has a small glasses embellishment to represent the glasses used by the protagonists in the game. The pass case looks like one of the tarot cards the main protagonist uses in order to summon his Persona. The glasses in the collection straight up looks like the protagonist’s glasses that he wears in order to see clearly in the dungeons.

All of the pieces in the collection coordinate together, and if you were to buy all six items, it’d run you a hefty 79,000 yen, or about 740 USD. The Hero Model Coat is the most price heavy item in the collection, going for 28,000 yen. I think it’s interesting that SuperGroupies would choose to base their new collection off Persona 4, considering the popularity of the more recent Persona 5 and the appreciation people have for the game’s aesthetic. However, Persona 4 has arguably a more sophisticatedly somber look to it, and when applied to fashion, it makes for a more serious, mature look.

The whole collection is available on SuperGroupie’s official website. The site is available in English, and they offer overseas shipping.

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